EGGER OSB HDX is a 30mm, OSB4/TG2 panel, for use in areas in which 38mm chipboard has traditionally been used.

Used extensively in warehouses and commercial buildings, it is an ideal solution for decking, mezzanine flooring, racking, shelving & working platforms.  

Lighter & wider than chipboard traditionally used in many of these applications, EGGER OSB HDX is easier to handle and faster to lay. With greater bending strength and stiffness, there is potential to design floors to take higher loads, or use fewer joists, providing the opportunity for significant savings.

EGGER OSB HDX is suitable for use in Humid environments and outperforms P6 chipboard in terms of moisture absorption.

Expansion gaps required around floor perimeter and against all walls and abutments. For floors which are in excess of 10 m long, intermediate movement gaps required. 

Technical specifications

  • Certification: Conforms to EN13986
  • Environmental: PEFC
  • Panel size: 2400 x 675mm - 36 per pack
  • Panel thickness: 30mm
  • Service class: 1