Clear Pine Engineered Doors

Constantly improving in line with market expectations and using state of the art machinery, our partners, MADEPAR, have become a world class, quality door manufacturer.

Already well established in Ireland, the range of CLEAR PINE ENGINEERED DOORS from MADEPAR continue to be a popular choice amongst homeowners. With the versatility to paint, wax, stain or varnish, the range can be found in both modern and traditional homes.

Varnishing brings out the natural beauty in the grain of the timber with a classic appeal that never goes out of fashion. Painting results in a clean, sleek, modern look, with a finish suitable for the most modern of homes. 

The range of CLEAR PINE ENGINEERED DOORS from MADEPAR are available in a wide range of both contemporary and traditional styles, with the added choice of both glazed and solid models to suit every project.

Click link on the right to download the MADEPAR catalogue or MADEPAR video and images on the left to view a sample of the MADEPAR range of CLEAR PINE ENGINEERED DOORS.