MS Timber & the environment

MS Timber is committed to using legal and responsibly harvested timber and is committed to the eradication of illegal timber in European markets.

As a member of Timber Development UK (TDUK), MS Timber is a signatory to TDUK’s  Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP).

The RPP is an off-the-shelf tool developed exclusively for TDUK members to enable them to meet their due diligence obligations in relation to The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). Our due diligence procedures are audited annually by an independent 3rd party.

Customers may rest assured that all goods originating from outside of the EU are first subjected to our due diligence procedures to establish negligible risk of illegality. This is done in advance of us placing the goods for sale on the EU market.

MS Timber hold both FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Both schemes trace the material through the supply chain from the forest to the end user. We are committed to sourcing our products from certified suppliers whenever possible.