Fire Door Blanks

With a strong focus on quality and using cutting edge technology, MADEMER have been producing doors for more than 70 years. Over this period they have become established as a world class manufacturer.

MADEMER door blanks have undergone comprehensive 30 & 60 minute UK fire testing with certificates issued by Chiltern International Fire Ltd. Once installed correctly, MADEMER door blanks help to protect both domestic and commercial buildings from the spread of a destructive fire.

The manufactured size of the doors may be reduced in height and or width, without restriction, provided they are re-lipped in accordance with the fire certificates.

Multiple glazing apertures, up to a total permitted glazed area of 0.76m2, may be cut in the MADEMER door blanks and they have been successfully tested in the following configurations,

Latched & unlatched, single acting doorset,

Double acting, single doorset,

Latched & unlatched, single acting, double doorset,

Double acting, double doorset

The double doorset configuration may be in equal or unequal pairs.

Solid overpanels or glazed fanlights may be incorporated in accordance with instructions in the fire certificates.

Manufactured with environmentally friendly edge glued Elliottis pine cores, the MADEMER door blanks are equally suited to both modern and period properties, the MADEMER door blanks may be painted to compliment a modern, new build project or alternatively may be finished with a wood stain for a more traditional appearance.