EGGER Peel Clean Xtra

Manufactured using EGGER P5 grade chipboard, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra is a T&G structural flooring panel, covered with an easy-to-peel, anti-slip woven surface film which helps to prevent against moisture ingress during the build process.

Once the film is removed, it leaves a polymer sealed surface, providing an added moisture barrier and a clean floor ready for handover.

EGGER Peel Clean Xtra can be installed in light rain conditions and once fully fitted can be left exposed for up to 42 days.  

When used as part of the EGGER Advanced Flooring System, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra is covered by the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee (subject to manufacturer's terms & conditions).

Technical specifications

  • Certification: Conforms to EN13986
  • Environmental: FSC®
  • Panel size: 2400 x 600mm
  • Panel thickness: 18mm - 80 per pack & 22mm - 64 per pack
  • Service class: 1 & 2