LION Protect ™

LION Protect™is ideally suited to protection applications, particularly useful for the protection of floors and walls on construction sites and during renovations. 

Manufactured with a smooth face and mesh pattern on the reverse, LION Protect™is becoming an increasingly popular choice as temporary site protection replacing single-use, throw-away, corrugated plastic or polypropylene sheets.

Biodegradable With zero added formaldehyde, high impact resistance and durability, coupled with a mesh pattern on the reverse offering increased grip underfoot, LION General™ is a competitive, greener alternative.

LION Protect™ is also used widely in the packaging industry.

Technical specifications

  • Certification: Conforms to EN 622
  • Environmental: PEFC
  • Panel sizes: 1830, 2440, 2745, 3050 x 1220mm
  • Available in thicknesses: 2.5, 2.7 & 3mm
  • Service class: 1
  • Service class: 1