SMARTPLY ULTIMA is an extremely high-performance engineered wood panel (OSB4) suitable for the most demanding structural applications in offsite manufacturing and construction. 

Manufactured using state of the art ContiRoll® technology consisting of moisture resistant and formaldehyde-free bonding of wood strands, precision strand orientation and continuous pressing.

SMARTPLY ULTIMA can be produced in large panels,  up to 2.8m wide by 7.5m long, with a maximum thickness of 40mm.



Technical specifications

  • Certification: Conforms to EN 300 & EN13986
  • Environmental: FSC®
  • Standard panel sizes 2440 x 1220 & 2500 x 1250mm. Maximum width available 2.8m, maximum length available 7.5m
  • Standard panel thickness 18mm. Maximum thickness available 40mm.
  • Service class: 1 & 2